we house state-of-the-art machinery to date to produce best quality CD/DVD
A production team that combines expertise and passion!
International standard, trust worthy, and affordable CD and DVD replication & duplication services
Kolya, a trusted partner for your physical media needs
We are seriously in business
we started operating by producing 500,000 copies of Teddy Afro’s grand album – ‘Ethiopia’ in only 20 days – a record in the country
Kolya is here to help you progress!
record labels
film makers
bands & musicians
gospel music producers
software developers

What we do?

CD/DVD Duplication

We give you assurance to get your discs copied fast with reasonable prices. We have state-of-the-art duplicators and printing machines to deliver best quality copies.

CD/DVD Packaging

We offer different packaging solutions for CDs and DVDs. You can choose from a range of packaging to meet your needs.

CD/DVD Replication

We provide replication services for the production of CD, DVD 5 and DVD 9. We house the best machine to date to deliver the most cost-effective and superior quality disc production.

Offset CD/DVD Printing

We print artwork/text onto the surface of a CD or DVD. Offset printing is preferred for its high resolution and a wide color variation and it can reproduce a photo quality images.

Copy Protection

We believe you deserve to get the best solution that is available to protect your content from unauthorized duplication, copying to computers and file sharing on the internet.


We offer distribution services through our established partners across the country. We will ensure your creative work; whether music, gospel, film, or software, reach the wider audience to boost your return on investment.